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Books about Country Life - Jerry has written about rural living and country life for over 40 years. His writings include fiction, nonfiction, children’s literature and an audio book.
  • Historical Novels - Jerry's Novels include "Blue Shadows Farm", "In A Pickle", "The Travels of Increase Joseph" and "Cranberry Red"
  • Rural Life Series  - A collection of country stories, humor and wisdom.
  • Children's Books - These beautifully illustrated books for children are true tales from Jerry’s growing up years on a farm.
  • Historical Books - From breweries and one-room schools to cheese and the Ringling Brothers Circus.
  • Other Country Life Books - These cover topics from barns to mills.
  • Audio Books - Jerry's first audio book available on CD or to download on MP3.
  • Adult Education and Leadership books - Jerry wrote these books during the years he worked as a Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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