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Adult Education and Leadership books

Teaching from the Heart (Professional Practices in Adult Education and Human Resource Development Series) (July, 1996)

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Illustrates methods for expanding teaching and learning to encompass the whole person, including the spiritual, biological, intellectual, and emotional dimensions. Offers group and individual exercises on whole person learning, becoming fully alive, the cycles of life, relationships, and examining core values. Describes personal approaches for learning from the heart, such as relaxation and journal writing, and details group approaches using drawing, music, and the mythical journey. For teachers and learners.

Leadership for the Emerging Age : Transforming Practice in Adult and Continuing Education (The Jossey-Bass Higher and Adult Education Series) (October, 1994)

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Leaders no longer control and determine. They guide and respond. In this book, Jerold W. Apps provides adult educators with a blueprint for developing a profoundly different approach to leadership - one that is all-embracing of ideas and people, capitalizes on diversity, and remains open and responsive to change. Apps draws on twenty-five years of experience in researching leadership and teaching leadership development to show adult educators how to leave behind the role of "expert" and learn from the learners. Drawing on ideas from behavioral science and the arts and humanities, he reveals how an individual's beliefs and values about knowledge, people, and ethics are at the core of leadership. And he outlines a process for examining those beliefs and developing a personal philosophy of leadership that encourages cooperative work, as well as individual achievement. Apps also offers specific guidance on how leaders can take charge of their own development - and ultimate transformation - including advice on developing a personal learning plan, keeping a journal, and writing a personal credo.

Mastering the Teaching of Adults (September, 1991)

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 In this highly personal and practical book, Apps shows educators, new and experienced, how to become the best teachers of adults they are capable of becoming.


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