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Old Farm: A History (October, 2008)  Purchase on Amazon

Reviews for Old Farm: A History:

“Listen to the voices you will find here—a remarkable combination of farmstead nostalgia, Leopold-like descriptions of ecology, and the clear message that the land can speak to you if you are wise enough to listen.”
Ben Logan, author of The Land Remembers

“Jerry has cultivated a sense of connectedness with the land—the ultimate human experience: enjoying and learning one’s place in the natural community.”
Nina Leopold Bradley, Founder and director, Aldo Leopold Foundation

“What Aldo Leopold did for Sand County, Jerry Apps has done for Roshara. Combined with Steve Apps’s beautiful photography, Old Farm: A History is a loving portrait of place calling all of us to respect and value the land we live on, not only for ourselves, but also for all those who will follow us.”
LaMoine MacLaughlin, Executive Director, Northern Lakes Center for the Arts, Amery, Wisconsin

“Old Farm neatly fits more of rural Wisconsin between its covers than a whole shelf full of books. Its message of honoring the land and passing it on in better condition to those who follow is more important today than ever.”
Bill Berry, author of Future of Farming Rural Life in Wisconsin

“Jerry Apps reminds us that an appreciation for the outdoors contributes to a richer life; his Old Farm is a heartfelt call for stewardship.”
Tia Nelson, Executive Secretary, Wisconsin Board of Commissioners of Public Lands

“Part stewardship manual, part memoir, and above all a consideration of the intangible power of a few buildings on a patch of land, Old Farm blends instruction, reflection and whimsy (giant zucchini anyone?) to give us a record of the past that is vital to the future. Jerry Apps has a historian’s eye and a storyteller’s heart—count me among his legion of grateful readers.”
Michael Perry, Author of Population 485: Meeting Your Neighbors One Siren at a Time and Truck: A Love Story.


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